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Instructions - How many Balloons can be stuffed into this outfit??? Listen Up! - Our fearless leaders shout out the directions. Before... What are we doing with these ridiculous outfits on?Here you go! - I'm not sure how there all gonna fit though. After... How many of those ballons are in there? Balloon Madness - Having a good time with good company. Stuff it in there! - How many of these balloons can be put in here??? Balloon Bliss - Get as many balloons in there as possible! Who can fit one more in there? - I Can! What is more fun? - Stuffing your friends full of hot air or looking at them?!? No worries... I'll get this one by myself Button up! - This might be a litte bit of a problem...Now... I got all the balloons in. All I need to do is button this thing up! Its hard work! - These two ladies are working hard to get every possible inch filled up. Strutting her stuff - Literally! Pointers - Connie is giving some helpful pointers Hmmmm.... So this is what if feels like to be a butterball! Sit and pop that Balloon - GOOOOO!!! Stand up! - Everyone Take Your Balloon Take a seat - Get ready for some action! Sit Down... And Pop that Balloon! Ice Cream! - Yuuuuummmmmmm! Ready for a Sundae? - Come on up and Joanie will serve you up! The balloon that could not be popped! - Keep trying!

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Enjoy life to the fullest with our travel and social club for ages 50+.

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