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Cowboy super close to Buffalo - Good thing buffalo have poor eye siteCowboys - These men are holding our colors proudlyFollow the Lead - An exciting trip on horsebackCountry Music - Excellent music from the bandThe band got to playing, and we got to dancing!A lovely Glacier Gait - These riders are enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful Glacier.Strapped In - Were getting her strapped in tight ready to goLady's with the cowboys - Our Summit club lady's gladly smile with these friendly cowboys.Strapped In - She's strapped in and ready to goTheresa is a little nervous - She's not really sure how she is supposed to feel standing this close Excuse me!?! - This horse is a little NOSY.Jackie Saddles up - Jackie takes this beauty for a trotGetting some pointers - Our cowboy friend is giving this Summit Club member some helpful tipsWaiting For The Train - Hurry up and wait.

The Summit Club

Enjoy life to the fullest with our travel and social club for ages 50+.

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