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Spit those Cherry pits! - As far as you can! How far can you spit a cherry pit? - Pretty far! Now were is that pit at? - There it is... Spit Spit Spit... Spit those pits! Now how far can I get this pit to go??? - I think pretty far! Pucker up! - And spit it out! Mike and his friends - Having a July Christmas blast! What a lovely day for a picnic! - Who wouldn't be loven' this! A Summit Club Favorite - Everyone loved this little guy!Round and Round it goes... Spin the wheel and see where it lands! Lunch??? - You guessed it! MMmmmmm - Lunch is now served! Christmas in July - What a beautiful thing Who better to have lunch with... Than Dick and Mike. Our Summit Club Team - What a lovely group to be around A gift exchange - Any gift is fun to open up and see what is inside. Your never to old... to fit into one of these! Friends + Funonly equals one thing... THE SUMMIT CLUB!!!

The Summit Club

Enjoy life to the fullest with our travel and social club for ages 50+.

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