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Fanyastic Caverns - Ready to Explore Dixie Stampede - Santa's Helper Dixie Stampede - Santa's Elf Dixie Stampede - Santa's Sleigh Ladies Restroom at Shoji Tabuchi - Frances and Ruthy from Bozeman Restroom at Shoji Tabuchi - Even the Ladies in the Painting are wearing Hats. Shoji Tabuchi - Pretty fancy for a restroom! Spirit of Christmas - Merry Kiss Moose Pierce Arrow - Can we take them home please? Vocalist on the bus from Pierce Arrow - Ruthy is all smiles Ben and Jerry's on Branson's Landing - Paula,Don and Escort Janice enjoying the break. Boarding the Landing Princess - Group shot on the Last Day Farewell Dinner - Hat ladies having fun Tour Escorts - Connie and Janice Shoji Tabuchi - Is this really the mens room?

The Summit Club

Enjoy life to the fullest with our travel and social club for ages 50+.

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