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John Hancock Building - A 96 story view. Down Town Chicago - Harbor. Downtown Chicago - Tour Boat with Jeanee. Tour Boat - Downtown Chicago Tour. Giordano's - Downtown Chicago Pizzaria. Downtown Chicago Giordarno's - Wanda & Joanie are enjoying a slice of Chicago Style pizza in ChicagoMichigan Avenue - Chicago Tribune Building Michigan Avenue - Street Preformer. Millenium Park - Cloud Gate Sculpture. Millenium Park - Shops and park. Millenium Park - Millenium Park entrance.The bean effect - Can you find who's taking this picture??? Downtown Chicago - Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. The Fairfield Marriott - Downtown Chicago on Ontario Street. Downtown Chicago - Chicago Skyline. Downtown Chicago - These Skyscrapers are reaching high into the baby blue sky. Chicago Museum of Science Industry - Boeing 727 Chicago Museum Science Industry - Pioneer Zephyr Chicago Shedd Acquarium - Deep sea diver, diving deep. TOMMY GUNS!!! - That is right! We actually visited a garage with Tommy Guns! Chicago - Tommy Gun Garage Tommy Gun Garage - Waiter and Waitress Tommy Gun Garage - O my! He means Business!!! Tommy Gun Garage - Excellent music at the show. Chicago Botanic Gardens - A beautiful fountain showering these tulips. Chicago Botanic Garden - Japanese Garden Juniper Chicago Botanic Garden - A lovely fountain surrounded by some beautiful tulips. Millenium Park - Cloud Gate da Bean Millenium Park - Cloud Gate Da Bean I'm touching Da Bean... For some reason looking isn't enough. Millenium Park - Jeanne is giving us the scoop. Millenium Park - TheaterChicago's Wilmette Ba'Hai TempleChicago's own - ChinaTownChicago O'Hare - Boeing 737 Chicago to Salt Lake CityDowntown Chicago - Bloomingdale's Escorts and Tour Guide - Joanie, Jeanie, and Wanda Downtown Chicago - St. James Cathederal Chicago - Bright city lights beaming in the night. Water Front View - Chicago's beautiful birds eye view. The first man on the moon!?! - I had no idea!

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