Mountain West Bank offers prepaid gift cards and reloadable debit cards that are perfect for a wide array of purposes. Use the card at millions of locations worldwide and online just like a debit card-but it's not linked to your checking account. Prepaid gift and reloadable debit cards are ideal for gift giving, traveling, for teenagers at home and at college, allowance and more.

  • Reloadable pre-paid debit card available for $5.99
  • Prepaid Gift Cards (Non-reloadable) available for $4.99
  • Use anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Not linked to checking account
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • No overdraft fees
  • Easy online access and statements
  • Surcharge-free when used at Mountain West Bank ATM's

Just look for the MoneyPass® logo wherever you are for surcharge-free ATM withdrawals. You can use this online locator to find the MoneyPass ATM near you.

Under the MasterCard zero liability policy; you are protected against certain unauthorized purchases on your card. If you suspect an unauthorized purchase has occurred, contact Cardholder Services immediately at 885-428-PAID (7243).

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