Bill Pay FAQs

What is EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, allows us to send payments to your payees electronically, rather then printing and mailing a paper check. EFT payments are especially advantageous because your payee receives payment faster than with a paper check, and there is no risk of a check getting lost in the mail.

How does EFT work?

In general, the EFT process can take up to 3 business days. Listed below is an example of how an EFT payment reaches your payee.

  • Monday: Payment is issued and the EFT process initiates. The payment leaves your Payment Outbox and can be viewed as a report.
  • Tuesday: Your account is debited via ACH (Automated Clearing House). ACH is the national standard for debiting a funding account.
  • Wednesday: Payment is sent to your payee via RPPS (Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentation Service).
  • Thursday/Friday: Depending on your payee's "back-end processes," the payment may post to your account.

Although most EFT transactions take up to 3 business days, it's important to note that some EFT transactions may clear your bank account the same day they are issued. Be sure your account is funded in advance to avoid bounced payments.

Are there any payments I can't issue?

Due to legal requirements, we limit the ability to make certain types of payments. Payments to payees outside of the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances. In addition, the following payments are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk:

  • Tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service or any state or other government agency
  • Court-ordered payments, such as alimony or child support
  • Payments to insurance companies

We will not notify you if you attempt to make any of these payments and we will not be liable if we do not make a prohibited or discouraged payment that you've scheduled.

How are payments issued?

Only you can authorize payments. You tell us who, when, and how much to pay. Payments are issued electronically or via paper checks, depending on the payee's capabilities. Both electronic payments and paper checks always include remittance information, ensuring that your payee can accurately record that a payment has been received for your account.

Is there a charge to use Bill Pay?

The default free Bill Pay service includes no monthly fee and 15 free transactions per month. All transactions over the initial 15 incur a charge of 39 cents. Customers can also upgrade their Bill Pay service to Peak Bill Pay or Peak Bill Pay for Business. These products offer a comprehensive online service to convert and present all bills, including those that come through the US Mail system, into an electronic format. Please contact a Customer Service representative at your local branch for more details.

Who has access to my bill pay and checking account?

You are the only person who can authorize payments to be issued against your account. Our representatives only access your account information on a need-to-know basis, and only with your approval.

How do I add a Payee?

To get started, please identify the person or organization you would like to add as a payee.

  • From your navigation links, click Add new payee.
  • Enter the name of the payee you want to add, or you may also click the "View our payee list" link to select the payee you want to add from a listing of payees, provide the other related entries, and click Add payee. A confirmation page appears that details your payee information.

NOTE: If the payee is not included on the list of payees, you will be asked to enter the remittance address from the statement you receive.

NOTE: If you click the "This payee does not have an account number" checkbox, a page will appear that allows you to manually enter the remittance address.

Once the payee has been added, you can make a payment, add payment options, or add e-mail notifications for this payee.

What is Expedited Bill Pay and how does it work?

Expedited payments are ideal any time you have either forgotten to pay a bill or you are surprised by a payment that you need to make fast. Expedited payments provide an avenue to make that happen without incurring a sizeable late fee or damaging your credit rating. As the name suggests, expedited payments are sent expeditedly which is why they won't appear in your Payment Outbox. In some cases, the payee will receive your payment the same business day, but typically receipt occurs within one business day.

There are 2 types of expedited payments:

  • For $4.95, an e-payment can be made if customer meets cutoff time and the payee accepts electronic payments.
  • For $14.95, a check will be cut and mailed overnight.

The fee will be deducted from the funding account the payment is made from.

Expedited payments cannot be sent to an address in Hawaii or Alaska or a P.O. Box. These payments cannot be canceled as payment begins immediately after you click the button to submit your payment on the preview page.

Payments must be submitted by 2:00 p.m. MST in order to qualify.

To make an expedited payment, login to your account and access the Bill Pay page. From the menu on the left hand side, click on the Expedited Payment link and follow the steps on-screen.

I have a question regarding my Bill Pay account, who can I call?

The Bill Pay Customer Support number is 1-866-392-9015.

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